Hello World! It’s Lexus Fan Time!!

Our site is a review site of Lexus car and trucks and the Auto Dealers that sell them. Our favorite dealer is in Freehold, NJ, (Because the Coffee in the Service Department is amazing) and we’ll tell that funny story about what happened to the old building that was there before the Lexus store opened but not right now. We’re looking for you as our friends and lovers of this automobile line to discuss the great cars you’ve gotten at the dealer and how your experience was.

Just to Repeat, We’re Not Lexus and if you are looking for Lexus Corporate, click the link.

My Next Car:  Our next Lexus will probably be the IS C convertible which is what the wife is pounding me to get for her.

It’s important to state, we are using the Lexus Auto Dealer domain name strictly in the sense of a fan site. Our Example, in our nominal use of the words,  would be combining the words Lexus and adding Auto Dealer so that we can talk about Lexus Auto Dealers.  We aren’t making any money from advertisers and we completely respect Lexus and their trademarks. We’re just a fan of the best cars and trucks on the planet and we’re under the impression that as a fan site, we’re all fine and dandy by becoming a review site for Lexus Auto Dealers. If you have a good positive story about your Lexus Auto Dealer, we’d like to hear and feel free to send us pictures of your fine Lexus automobiles.